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The Pylsu project - ongoing project - 

Papier-mâché, wire, recycled plastic and paper, September 2022 to now (ongoing project)

This is a project of exhibition and I am still working on it.

Using trash and old material I create giant food items to display in the Icelandic countryside and Lava field.

Food is one of my favourite subject in Art, I often paint, draw and build food related projects. When I travel I love to discover strange food items, smelly, weirdly shape but also find the food obssession/cliché of a country. It all started with the sausages, after living in 3 differents Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, and Finland) I discovered their obssession with hot dog. I have since been painting, building, illustrating sewing, screen printing and even ceramic making sausages. The project have evoluated since to other food items like Pretzel, giant carrots... I have a dream of an exhibition about food in all shapes, colors and size that would make people hungry. I can certified so far that it is working, all this giant food is in display in my living room and it isn't rare to have guest over that feel like "having a hot dog" on their way out.  

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